Shop 4 Charity has created all sorts of initiatives to make money in support of breast cancer and to help the public benefit. This is a winning situation for everyone involved. Shop4Charity is an Ontario and Canada based social enterprise, which took the initiative of launching a project of literally $5 million. The way it worked was by launching a smart $5 million sweepstakes in the colour pink. The idea behind it was to raise over $20 million dollars in order to help the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) .

The idea behind this project was achieved by the selling of calendars. People who bought these calendars, were given the opportunity to win prizes. Cash prizes was just a part of the project and one of the appeals, however there were many other prizes up for grabs such as cars and holidays. By purchasing this calendar not only did it automatically give people access to the sweepstakes draw, but money also goes to the breast cancer association.

The vice president of Shop 4 Charity is Cathy McHugh who believes that it is their goal and social responsibility to help charities and community initiatives such as the CBCF. This project was created in order to not only help generate revenue for breast cancer but also to raise awareness to the entire Canadian nation with regard to this particular organisation. This initiative was a great success and everyone who participated had fun. The goals were reached and help was given to the necessary organisation with regard to helping new research and developments with regard to breast cancer. All of this is thanks to the remarkable and very helpful Shop 4 Charity.

What can be taken from all of this is that if we all do our part to help, we can really end up making a huge difference. We should never forget to give back to the organisations in the country who genuinely need our help and support.