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This successful platform is evident, when you discover that nearly one million Canadians have given to one charity or another with the use of this platform. In Canada there are thousands upon thousands of charities that use this platform in order to survive. There is every single charity that you can possibly think of from child relief projects to animals and everything in between. There are many options for donating including sponsorship,charity gift cards and crisis relief assistance.

One of the ways people like to use Canada Helps is to set up their very own unique donation experience. You can pick and choose according to all sorts of options and feel good knowing that you are giving back. Regardless of how much you give or what you do, when it comes to charity it is a very known fact that small amounts can lead up to big changes. The platform is also a great way to get the word out and to advertise charities that people would not normally know about or be aware of. If you want to start your own charity then you have come to the right place, regardless of what it is that you feel passionate about this online platform is the very best place to gain insight and to start. The truly inspiring work that happens here is thanks to everyone’s involvement,helps and contributions.