There are many Canadian companies that donate to nonprofit organizations. Yes people may say that they are doing it for their own benefit but this is not always the case. Yes they may benefit in a few ways but at the end of the day, regardless of it they benefit or not, these nonprofit organisations are getting the help that they really need. We need to actually be really thankful to Canadian companies that donate to nonprofit organizations as they are really helping our communities and society.

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Yes, there is public information available with regard to the companies that donate and yes, they do receive acknowledgement, but this does not take away from the fact that these organisations genuinely need the money and the help. Companies who donate are able to donate in larger amounts than an individual and they have the ability of really making a difference in all sorts of charities. This is not to discredit individuals, as all donations regardless of size are appreciated, but big donations being given really does help the cause.

There are many ways to donate online and organizations are taking advantage of these helpful platforms. In many cases corporate may involve entire teams of people and may really put in hard work in order to generate funds for their chosen charities. They may have all sorts of auctions, charity days and initiates which actively get their members of staff involved. Instead of just handing over a check it is always a great idea to get everyone involved so that everyone can feel that they are also helping to make a difference. Giving back in the world is a huge part of our social responsibility and it is a great idea to encourage organisations to give to charities when they can and want to.