When you give to charity it may be hard to actually make an informed decision about which charity is best. If you are giving funds from your business over to a charity of your choice, it really is going to be useful to fully understand what is really going on inside the charity. Charity Intelligence Canada takes a different approach to charitable acts and giving. They make use of all sorts of research methodologies in order to discover the best investments and charities for the general public.

A full and insightful giving portfolio is shown and donors are provided with the tools and insight that they need in order to make a decision that is right for them. If you are looking to see the financial information or more details about a certain charity in Canada. then Charity intelligence canada is the place to go. Charities are also given star ratings, which you can view.

Charities are put into a ranking system and the aim is to help the public get a better return on their investment. The smaller details are looked at and there are over 650 charities on their books, that they gather information about. They look into the administrative side of things in addition to financial transparency. They also make it public knowledge the charities which make it to their top list every single year. Although many people may find this to be a very different way of giving, it does work for many people in the country. In terms of providing the public with information that they really would have known or had access to, they are going a good job in providing all their research and findings to everyone. This does help people to make a more informed decision with regard to where they want their money to go.