Welface Calgary is collected by many people who live in the area. If you are familiar with the Alberta area and Calgary you will know that there is a higher unemployment rate there, than in many other parts of the country.This is a big contributing factor to to the reason why there are so many people on welfare collecting benefits in one area. The truth is that these people depend on this welfare to live and without it they would not survive.

In 2016 the unemployment rate in the area dropped and hit it’s highest level in 22 years. In terms of education opportunities, Calgary depends on the energy industry for employment and this makes up a large percentage of the workforce. When the oil prices decline so does the job market, which leaves people faced with unemployment. This gives people no choice but to collect welfare calgary. There seems to be more people living in the air than there are jobs available which is causing many of the problems.

Thousands of people collect welfare every single month in order to buy food and live. It should come as no surprise that there are many people at the same time at the same venue, making the queues very long.The Alberta Works office actually has to turn people away and tell them to come back the next day because the demand is too big. Not everybody makes it to the front in time. The lineup starts in front of the offices hours before they even open in the hope that they will make it to the front in time. Alberta works provides rental subsidies and health benefits to needy people. Income support is also given to people who have exhausted their employment insurance benefits, who are unable to work. We should all be thankful for what we have as the situation is growing worse.